Sanz I Vila

Illustrator from Alicante (Spain).
His style is characterized by the use of a reduced color range of three colors (blue, pink and yellow) and he has showed his works at important exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and other collective exhibitions around the world. Also in his work he has done different editorial collaborations with covers and illustrations for magazines, music bands and he is the author of a few books.


Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo is a Spanish artist based in sunny Barcelona. His eclectic international style is based on relationships with folk art, traditional and modern tattoo culture, european religious imagery and the tribal arts. Cavolo’s art is all about stories, characters and their experiences across time. Utilizing art as a complex narrative, Cavolo often focuses on portraiture.


Murnau Den Linden

Murnau Den Linden Eduardo, an Spanish artist currently living in London, loves to explore the Latin American culture. “That’s why I use primary, basic colours because I want people to be shocked by the paintings as deeper folk traditions do”.Murnau Den Linden has been collaborating with big companies as Instagram, Facebook or Volkswagen, British local companies as Wahaca, institutions as National Theatre or global brands as Bacardi or Patron Tequila.


Cote Escriva

Coté Escrivá is a Valencia based artist, whose work combines tattoo symbols, street style and mutated cartoon icons. His imagery is occasionally dark, but still accesible to all with a retro appeal. Often engaging in collaborative projects, his work has been seen in both his homeland of Spain and overseas, displayed as prints, paintings, murals and sculptures. Coté has worked for clients like Audi, Nestle or Reebok which can be found in magazines, beer bottles, street wear, posters, packagings and toys.


Gaia Bernasconi

Gaia Bernasconi is a figurative artist, craft-designer and illustrator based in Italy. She has a degree in Illustration at the European Institute of Design(Milan) and a master’s degree at Mi Master Illustration (Milan).Thanks to a style strongly characterized by deep knowledge of the different artistic techniques Gaia has immediately collaborated with great brands of Made in Italy by placing her signature on special projects for Acqua di Parma, Hogan Rebel, Fratelli Boffi, Martini, Trussardi,Tod’s, Reebok. Gaia Bernasconi released several publications and joined various initiatives of cultural and artistic interest.